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At Moxie and Moss Workwear, Sara, our in-house denim guru, looked for the best denim on the planet to use for our 'Maven' denim workpant. Best for us means that it is durable, will withstand years of punishment, and that it has some stretch. Women who wear our rugged workwear need stretch in their pants so they can work, bend, lift, garden, squat, etc.

Sara has been in the apparel industry for close to 20 years, and she decided to source the 'Maven' workpant denim from Cone Denim in North Carolina. 

Cone Denim in North Carolina

Cone Denim has been a leading supplier of denim fabrics to the top denim apparel brands since 1891. To give you some context: that same year, Hawaii crowned Liliuokalani as queen, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers was organized (with no mention of sisters), and the flag of the United States had only 44 stars.

Formed out of the entrepreneurial spirit of two brothers, and grounded in American heritage, Cone Denim has been synonymous with authenticity and innovation. And those are two qualities that mean a lot to us. From the crafting of authentic, vintage styles to the development of new innovative technologies, Cone Denim continues to master the art and science of denim. They believe that only this passion combined with unparalleled industry knowledge and technical expertise can create the most beautiful denim fabrics in the world.

We at Moxie and Moss Workwear for women could not agree more. 

The Story of Cone Denim

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