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Moxie and Moss Workwear for Women | Fisherwoman in Alaska who needs sturdy pants for her trade. She is one of our field testers for the Maven work pant.
"Joy (and Misery) Love Company"
We are inspired by the incredible women in our community. Not only have they put our Maven work pant to the test - they've shared some of their personal stories.
Why did you decide to go into the fishing industry?
Iliamna Fish Company

I was raised commercial fishing; I'm the third generation, actually. My grandfather on my mom's side was a homesteader in Alaska and raised his kids fishing, and then those kids (our parents) raised me and my brothers and cousins to fish. About ten years ago, my family started Iliamna Fish Company so we could more easily share this incredible resource.

How long have you been a fisherwoman?
I've literally never spent a summer away from Bristol Bay.

What is something that brings you the most joy or satisfaction in your job?
Ahhhhh, there's just something about that salty sea air! Early morning sea sprays against pale pink skies -- arguably the best sunrises you'll ever see. Hard, manual labor. A carefully managed and truly sustainable natural resource in its full glory (there - are - so - many - salmon.) I also think the satisfaction in working as part of a team can't be overstated. As I often say, "Joy [& misery] loves company."

When have you encountered an obstacle?
Can I share a secret? *I've been know to get sea sick.*

How did you overcome it?
I think I must regularly experience the phenomenon known as hysterical or superhuman strength. Seriously, wikipedia that

What resources did you use or make to overcome that obstacle?
I have learned to break my gear into more manageable sizes/weights. My nets are smaller than others--so I use four shorter nets rather than two longer ones.It just keeps things moving faster on my boat; I don't have to ask for help as often. We also recently invested in a hydraulic roller (to help pull the nets in), which has literally changed my life in so many magnificent ways.
- Interviewed by Moxie and Moss Workwear
Transcript from video:

"I would describe the Maven as high quality, durable fashionable workwear.

My name is Krystal Foot and I am a commercial fisherman in Alaska.

Some of the things that I liked about the 'Maven' were the higher waist, which was actually surprising to me. I think I tend to wear lower waist jeans but the higher waist was more functional for work.

I like the pockets - especially the deep pockets in the front. I could bend down and reach for things or pick things up and not have to worry about anything showing. And I like the way that it looks.

I would describe the Moxie & Moss Workwear brand as innovative. It stemmed from women who were doing physical work and so it comes with experience.

When I put on my Moxie & Moss pants I feel like a warrior princess."


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