Where We Started


Two of our founders (Kate and Kyle Marie) followed their gardening passion and launched Moxie and Moss Landscape Design. Digging in the wet, Pacific NW soil was uncomfortable, their everyday jeans weren't up to the task and workwear marketed to women was either ill-fitting and tailored for men's bodies or offered stereotypical colors and patterns. Enter their client (Sara) who happened to be an apparel industry expert. The three decided to take things into their own hands, designing and producing the Maven Pant to fill the fit, function and durability gap in women's workwear. (photo by David Vigil)

The Maven was extensively field tested on real women from bike mechanics and construction workers to artists and firefighters. Their input helped hone MMW’s products and mission. We are so proud to partner with women in trades, physical and outdoor occupations and to be a part of the women's workwear movement. We have established a  scholarship with Oregon Tradeswomen Inc. to give back to the community that has given so much to us.

Moxie and Moss Workwear is inspired every day by the women we meet who use our products as tools of their trade. We can't wait for you to join us and get dirty!


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